Contemporary artist explores natures perfection and energetic dynamics


20 foot raw canvas backdrop for hire - designed originally as a visual representation of jazz for music stage

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 From Vancouver, Canada, daughter of a Japanese father and Dutch mother. Informed by aesthetics, genetics, universal laws. Searching, asking, learning and creating, there develops divergent yet agreeable expressions of contemporary art.
A graduate from the Emily Carr College of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. Travels between Canada, Europe and Africa developing her art businesses.



 Raw canvas tableaus of organic expressions lead beyond the surface of the colours to an awareness of nature, the earth and Self.

Japanese papers, handmade papers and fibres, fish, paint, pencil, body, installation creates form and architecture of space. 

Informed by


Nature is perfectly at home with itself and man is the only creature we know of that creates its own environment. And then what is it one creates? This brings us to the question of who am I and what is spirit and the subject and object.

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